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The products that we have for sale are:

- Pure refined vraic (fresh or dried) for growers

- Recycled vraic compost mix for eco-friendly growers

Both are sold in easily transportable large buckets with handles and lids. Home deliveries can be arranged.

- Dried vraic fertilizer in self seal packets

- Dried vraic "Teabags" to make liquid plant feed

- Vraic bathing nets for a relaxing and cleansing mineral bath

The vraic is generally a mixture of three different species which we call 1) mermaid's braids (ascophyllum nodosum), 2) bubble weed (fucus spiralis) and 3) cows tails (laminaria hyperborea). Generally speaking they belong to the fucaceae and laminara family of seaweeds. Interestingly there are other smaller species that cling to these seaweeds that bring important minerals and other trace elements to our fertilizers.

The dried vraic products are a mixture of the three species with the addition of a number of red and green seaweeds, in particular wireweed, velvet horn, and black pompoms. For more information about these types of seaweeds, please contact us.

The vraic sachet or "teabag" will enable you to make your own liquid feed. This unique idea requires you to boil 2 litres of tap water and immersing the sachet in a large pot overnight. The next morning remove the bag and fill your feed containers with the green tea-like contents and water or foliar feed your plants when they need watering. Couldn't be simpler. Please note that it is not for drinking purposes.

The vraic bathing nets are a unique mix of vraic that will enable you to enjoy the benefits of a spa in your own bath tub. The dried vraic will expand inside the net with very hot water and will release the seaweed alginate properties and minerals. The vraic bag can be used again within 48 hours and after use can be recycled and added to the garden compost.

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